Zeiss Distagon 2 / 25 * TUsually the name is associated with names like Zeiss and Leica, Hasselblad, but recently the precious optical bodies are also available for Sony, Pentax and Nikon. The news that now users can mount a Canon lens bodies of the famous German manufacturer, or the new Zeiss Distagon 2 / 25 T *.

In fact, the bright wide-angle has been announced as available in both ZE (Canon EF attack) in the version ZF.2 (Nikon F). Both versions are equipped with electrical contacts, in order to communicate with the electronics of the camera, exposure calculation and management of the diaphragm. Unfortunately, the focus remains manual.

Zeiss Distagon 2 / 25 * tThe lens is quite compact (95/98mm length depending on the version) and lightweight (570/600gr always based on the version), despite the precious materials used. We find two aspherical elements and the famous Carl Zeiss T * anti-reflective, which promises high image constrast and saturation. Will be marketed later this year to 1,217 euros, VAT not included.

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