What happened to the Sigma SD1?


sigma sd1dslr camera What happened to the Sigma SD1?Last September, Sigma announced its new camera inside SD1 that would house the new Foveon sensor with a resolution of 46 megapixels. This number is achieved because the sensor, which actually is about 15 megapixels, it can collect information simultaneously on all components of the color difference of the traditional Bayer used by all other cameras and interpolates the data collected by the photodiodes that "read" a single component.

On paper we could be in front of a jewel of technology, but at the beginning of the year someone was asking when the company would finally put on the market this interesting reflex. At that time there was talk of February or March, but now we are in May, we have overcome the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan but there were no reports from the company.

Wait that's getting a bit 'too long for a product that has previously announced. Unfortunately Sigma is a company that is not new to this kind of politics. Between the announcement of the Sigma SD15 and his arrival on the market two years have passed.

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