Top 3 goals DSLR for a decent shooting experience


Top 3 goals DSLR for a decent shooting experience


EP1ve305reduced copy 300x177 Top 3 goals DSLR for a decent shooting experience For me the second most important in my photographic material, after the camera itself is the goal. We saw, in a previous post, what were the Top 10 SLR DSLR (including ranges for both beginners and professionals), so today we are talking about the goal, our best ally for slick photos.

The top 3 goals, essential for any photographer:
I will not quote marks, but simply types of targets. Nor am I going to refer to extras that may have (eg stabilizer, etc.) But the goal itself.

Objective 18-55's friend forever:
Essential and is most likely you will have. Most SLRs bring a standard. I put the first because it is the most used, its focal length can cover all types of landscapes and monuments, always with a decent zoom up to 50 or 55mm, which is not bad. Here the most important thing is to have a good maximum aperture (f/2.8 would be nice one) that allows one to play with depth of field at home.

55-200 telephoto, the spy:
And it is "the spy" because where it falls short 18-55, the 55-200 range with no problem or not too distant subjects closer. It is the ideal target for casual photographs of strangers in the street (candid photography).
This is also important to get one that has a good maximum aperture, but with an f / 4 will be enough. I say this because the shutter speed is often affected by the amount of light the iris lets. A larger aperture (f / 3 or f / 4) more light enters, and the faster the shot;)

Macro Lens:
If you've ever tried to focus at very short distances with a normal 18-55 lens, you'll notice, realize that until then did not come. For that we have macro lenses, which are basically characterized by the ability to focus at very short distances. Its focal length is usually normal 50 to 200 mm, and this is the ideal lens to photograph flowers, insects, or tiny details of any object.

As you can see in my Top-3 have not included fisheye lens (which I love) or 300 or 400mm telephoto lenses, but these three that come to describe, because for me are the most essential and covering wider range of photographic possibilities.

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