The video cameras have no future?


The video cameras have no future?

761578 The video cameras have no future? Recently rumors have arrived on the design of a new sensor from Sony, and someone was quick to think where would be used.

The technical data shows that the format is rather strange, 24.3 × 12.8 mm with 2160 vertical pixels that are exactly twice what it takes to 1080p video format and the vertical component is also a multiple. In practice it is a sensor intended primarily for those products and probably will support the main video format NHK Super Hi-Vision.

Some might ask what does this have to with photography. Simply the technology that focuses on the video is all the rage and there are many engineers working to improve the current status of the sensors. Some of the new technical discoveries are then also used in standalone cameras.

According to Thom Hogan, however, the market for video cameras is practically destroyed when compromise and will reach mass mass affordable cameras and sensors as large as those of the reflex. Sony and Panasonic have already launched in this market with products optimized for video use, but can exploit the objectives of their systems Evil.

What will the producers more traditional? The ability to record video will continue to be present, but will no longer be the one to "pull" the market, but a simple additional feature that now people want to have available. In this case, the technologies developed will be recycled for new video systems. What do you think?

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