The successor of the Canon 1D/1Ds coming?


While other houses recently announced new Canon does nothing but announce events. In fact, even before the two dates already scheduled for October 26 in New York and Nov. 3 in Hollywood, there will be an event for CPS customers in the Netherlands on October 18th.
Canon Rumor The successor of the Canon 1D/1Ds coming?According to rumors in this event dedicated to professionals, or the Canon Professional Services, will present the successor to the 1D/aDs. The main features that should have:

  • 18 Megapixel full frame sensor
  • AF with 61 focus points
  • gust of 14 fps (12 fps with auto focus on)
  • new battery even if it remains compatible with the old model
  • 50-200 grams heavier
  • ISO range: 100-51200
  • LCD monitor does not swivel
  • introductory price of about 600.000 yen
  • new version of the 24-70mm with a launch price of about 200.000 yen
  • for sale from March 2012

Missing just one week to this event. We hope that the news and really get beyond this hypothetical Canon 1D Mark V is also announced the successor to the Canon 5D mark II canon lawyers that are waiting anxiously for too long. Let us remember that it is full frame of the Japanese market since 2008 and its evolution after three years would be more than welcomed.

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