The photographer, a job in dark colors


fotografo The photographer, a job in dark colorsPhotography is a passion, but passion can not only survive, it needs the bread to eat.

In recent years, the photographers are going through a crisis period for the market changes that undermines some types of business. Roughly speaking more of the economic side of the profession, what should be a photographer?

According to Laurence Kim there could be a worst job. Rather harsh statement explaining in detail by analyzing the various aspects of the profession.

First, there are no barriers to the profession as with other professionals. There are no qualifications, schools or certificates. Just have a camera, a computer and a photo editing program like Photoshop or Lightroom and nearly all of them already have this. The initial investment then it becomes practically zero. Just spend a little bit to create a website and a facebook page.

Another big problem is the difficulty to grow beyond a certain threshold. In practice, the photographer swaps his time for money, but there is only a fixed number of hours that can be used over and you can not go. A few years photographers could count on the stock markets, but market saturation have virtually erased this option for many professionals.

There are photographers whose repertoire can be assessed to arrive at important figures, but these cases are very rare. In reality, when a photographer decides to stop working his work tends to have a price almost equal to zero, especially if you double because the only possible customer has already purchased the photos. Hundreds of thousands of photos that do not offer any guarantee as has happened some time ago by Annie Leibovitz.

One scenario is not certain that exciting so far proposed. What to do?

First, it would be appropriate to revisit the option of working in this profession as part-time. The low cost of access here is not a disadvantage, but even a simple exploit this advantage because it becomes their passion.

Spend less than you earn, put away some money and not buy anything new unless absolutely necessary. Above all, learn to invest in those segments that are not photographic. So a bit 'more discussion of economics and a bit' less attention than usual flame Canon against Nikon.

A big problem is the photographers who spend too much for non-essentials. The new camera is not essential if you have one that is already able to do whatever it takes. Great photographers have cameras that are beautiful shots of toys, such as functionality, compared to what we use today. Update the software too often is not very useful, because you'd end up having to incur expenditure of the new features that you will never use.

Try to turn your brand name in winning. Use your name as a font that can attract attention and try to use word of mouth to increase your score. There has never been a better time for this through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Despite the premise of this profession are rather bleak, you may be able to combine its activities with his photographic passion.

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