Sony LA-EA2 Mount Adaptor: Objectives Alpha on NEX


sony nex 5n adattatore Sony LA EA2 Mount Adaptor: Objectives Alpha on NEXPhoto above: "little monster", the new Sony NEX-5N with the adapter Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA2 and EVF

Sony has made ​​an effort to stir the waters, and actually some 'stagnant digital photography (race for megapixels, zoom super wide, but dark as night ...). New cameras SLT (mirrored disk) and new compact interchangeable lens series NEX. Now there's a new adapter - Sony Mount Adaptor LA-EA2 - to mount mount lens to "A" (Sony Alpha) on the small Sony cameras NEX (NEX and cameras). Coast, the price is about $ 400, but offers the technology Translucent Mirror (mirror translucent) built, the focus detection AF phase (AF focusing system of NEX is a contrasting, less speed) and allows the passionate photographer (images and gadgets) to remove a lot of satisfaction, for example by mounting the new Sony 16-50mm F/2.8 zoom on a Sony NEX body.

So not a simple adapter ring, but a sort of bridge between the world of SLR and what is taking shape for some time. Especially for those who already own Alpha lenses an interesting addition.

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