Sony 7D and the Canon A77 Straccia Bites the Nikon D7000


Sony A77 front Sony 7D and the Canon A77 Straccia Bites the Nikon D7000 The new Sony A77 has fallen under the "clutches" of technical DxOMark, the site owned by the French manufacturer of specialized software in photography DxO Labs. Well, the behavior of the CMOS sensor Exmor HD 24.3-megapixel Sony A77 (see our presentation) is excellent. The overall score of 78 points, puts the A77 well above the semi-professional  Canon 7D, D-SLR (66 points) and zic by a semi-professional competitor, the Nikon D7000, bolstered by a total score of 80.

Compared to the D7000, the Sony Alpha A77 loses much in the comparison of performance with high ISO (low light pictures) - with a score of 801 against the Nikon 1167 - but shows an excellent dynamic range, equivalent to 13.2 EV .

The Sony A77 - which has a design and controls similar to those of an SLR, but it's not an SLR because it has no moving mirror (mirror replaced by a semi-transparent (translucent mirrors) which allows the use of an AF system phase detection, with a dedicated sensor) is already a car for its attractive qualities of speed (takes up to 12 pictures per second), resolution of 24 megapixels, the super electronic viewfinder. Now comes the confirmation on the quality of the sensor, a sign that the road taken by Sony (alternative to the SLR, SLT and compact machines with interchangeable lenses Sony NEX) is promising.

Recall that the tests take into consideration only the DxOMark sensor. In choosing the car enthusiast will also take account of all other factors (ergonomics, controls, interface, viewfinder, AF system, metering system ...) that does not take into consideration DxOMark.

Here's the link to the page dedicated to the test sensor DxOMark Sony A77:

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