Samsung SCX 4300 printer resetting


Samsung SCX 4300 printer resetting

samsung scx 4300 Samsung SCX 4300 printer resettingFor those that have a Printer Samsung SCX especially 4300, have noticed that you can not reload your cartridge, because after I refilled the printer will continue to make Toner exhausted.

But there is a solution which modifies the firmware of the printer that allows refilled cartridges.

Before starting with the solution we must first check our cartridge, as it may be the case that our cartridge contains a chip or not, in general, the cartridge that comes with the printer does not bring chip, cartridges that are then bought if you bring the chip.

If your cartridge has a chip, we take it off, because we need an ink cartridge without chip, once we are sure that our chip cartridge is out, we made the Next Steps:

1. Download the file
2. Unzip preferably in C:
3. Make sure the printer is on and connected to the computer
4. MODE TECH enter the printer by pressing the following sequence: <MENU> <Copy> <LEFT> <RIGHT> <MENU> <RIGHT>
5. Select DATA SETUP and search and select FLASH UPGRADE
6. Search and select LOCAL
7. On your computer open the command by doing: Start -> Run -> type cmd
8. Change to the directory where you unzip the file cd .. \ .. \ fixscx4300
9. Fix4300.exe write SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd
10. We hope to finish, this will generate a file called FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd
11. Usbprns2.exe write FIX_SCX4300_V1.13_Fact_romdl.hd
12. The above step will make the printer start to upgrade, so we expect to complete and restart
13. Restarted after we entered TECH MODE
14. Select SETUP DATA
15. Select CLEAR CNT
16. CNT select CLEAR ALL

With this you can print using refilled cartridges and each time you insert a new refill cartridge, printer toner message will be exhausted, so we only need to perform the steps of 13 to 16 to use our new refill cartridge.

In case you do not see the option ALL CLEAR CNT is because we do something wrong, so we must do all the steps again to succeed.
I hope that anyone with a printer of this model will serve me well as I do not work, any doubt can ask.

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