Pentax Compact APS-C sensor with mirrorless


Pentax Q1 Pentax Compact APS C sensor with mirrorlessWe have recently presented a small Pentax Q, compact camera with interchangeable lenses from 12.4-megapixel CMOS sensor 1/2.3 inch format. But now it seems highly likely that Ricoh - Pentax brand that has acquired in July - is determined to launch a new line of Pentax compact mirrorless with APS-C, which is larger, the size of those used in consumer digital SLR and semi-professional and compact mirrorless Samsung and Sony.

The fact that Pentax, before the acquisition by Ricoh, was already working on two lines of compact EVIL, a smallest and for the general public, the other for the photo enthusiast, he often talked about in recent months. Now there is confirmation from the Japanese agency Jiji Press, which provides for certain the arrival of a new compact car without a mirror.

Ricoh, apparently, would be willing to produce fixed-lens compact cameras under its own brand, and to use instead of Pentax interchangeable lenses for compact and dedicated to the objectives.
At this point, however, one wonders what the future of the Ricoh cameras GXR modular system, perhaps a little 'too complex to attract the masses, but in many ways interesting (GXR A12 Ricoh, Leica and Zeiss).

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