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Olympus Digital Cameras Review

By Ryanita

Olympus Digital Cameras 300x274 Olympus Digital CamerasOlympus is well known for producing high quality cameras way before digital cameras became popular. Due to the popularity of digital cameras, olympus has been producing their own line of digital cameras. Here’s my Olympus Digital Camera Review.

For example, I highly recommend the Olympus 5300 Digital SLR. One unique feature of the 5300 is its filter called the super sonic wave filter which can shake off the dust accumulating in the camera lens and sensors. It has 4 exposure modes and 14 scene modes which allows you to take any kind of pictures whether in day or night. Olympus also has a line of digital cameras for photo enthusiasts and amateur photographers. An example is the Olympus CaMedia C-70 digital camera. It has a 7.0 megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom. Good enough to take most pictures with clarity.

Olympus Digital Cameras - Digging Into The History

One of the oldest companies, Olympus has had a long and historical journey. Olympus Digital Cameras are being used all over the world today. The name 'Olympus' was introduced in 1921 as a trade name for the company's optical products.

There is an interesting story attached to the name of Olympus. According to Greek mythology, Olympus is the mountain where the Gods live. In the '30s, Olympus introduced many different types of cameras. It became increasingly popular and helped Olympus to gain hold of the market. As far as digital cameras are concerned, by the 80's and '90s, the video camera and the consumer digital cameras were already present in the market. Slowly and steadily, Olympus came up with a 2 megapixel and then a 3 megapixel camera by the year 2000. Today, Olympus is considered to be one of the well-known digital camera manufacturers in the industry. The latest digital cameras by Olympus are:

C-Series: Digital cameras for advanced photographers.

Stylus: Stylish cameras in attractive colors and designs.

E-System Digital SLR's: Professional SLR's for digital cameras.

Olympus Digital Cameras Problems

Two Olympus digital camera problems that seem to be common with the compacts and the SLR cameras is the ability to get them fixed and problem focusing. The SLR problem is with different lens selections. The lens selections for the SLR digital cameras seem to be sparse. The Olympus digital camera problems with getting the cameras fixed seems to be a common problem for everyone. The Olympus digital camera problems are small compared to other camera makes and models. Some problems reported with the Olympus digital cameras come from user error, but even those problems are minimal.

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