Nikon Speedlight SB-910: the flash will renews top of the range


nikon speedlight sb 910 Nikon Speedlight SB 910: the flash will renews top of the rangeA little over three years since the launch of the Nikon SB-900, Nikon has decided to remove it from the market due to its well-known problems of overheating. Not to leave unprotected the catalog of accessories was promptly launched the new Nikon Speedlight SB-910.

The main novelty of the new model consists in the flexible charging time: Under normal conditions are required about 3 seconds to full power, while in conditions close to the heating time is extended gradually. So there is more than a flash unusable, was surely appreciated by photographers or those who Ceremonialists reporting in general.

These other news:

  • New interface inherited from the less powerful model, the Nikon Speedlight SB-700
  • Quick access to customize any settings by pressing MENU
  • A choice of three illumination patterns, a standard, one designed for portraits, and one designed to prevent falls of light at the edges
  • Two color correction filters come standard-type disk instead of the traditional jelly

Will be on sale in mid December 2011 to a predicted price of $ 549.95, a high figure, but to be related to the performance flagship.

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