Nikon D800 and evil: postponed to autumn


nikon d700 front Nikon D800 and evil: postponed to autumn Everyone now knows the Nikon D700 and have long talks about a possible replacement to which you are given a network, the name of D800. At the bottom of the D700 will do well at the beginning of the summer three years, which are certainly not just for a digital SLR.

According to informed sources, rather it seems that we have to wait longer than expected to see the new full frame Nikon. The reasons are said to be found in the damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in the factory in Sendai.

The company plans seem then aim for an ad on October 1st. Then it will be interesting to see how the hypothetical D800 against the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Autumn was always postponed the evil system that the company had now almost ready. For the new flagship, which we call D4, tetrafobia permitting, will arrive in early 2012.
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