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Nikon D60 Features and Benefits

By Ryanita

Nikon D60 Nikon D60defendant that the issue of the first item is a must: speak now from my little Nikon D60. It is my first brush with SLR photography. In other words, in my case the Nikon D60 was the first love (color, photo ...) in my life and so far I'm keeping a love and fidelity comparable only with those who keep my wife.

I want to make the first blog entries and ligerita to digest so without further delay step will detail what my point of view of advantages of the Nikon D60.

Advantages of the Nikon D60:

It has a sensor that automatically switches off the LCD screen when looking through the viewfinder, saving battery and avoiding distractions.
Liz optimization feature and shade called D-Lighting. Basically makes backlit photos are a little easier to catch. Illuminates the subject but have plenty of light from behind.

Photo editing on the camera pripioa quickly apply various photo effects.
The Nikon D60 comes with a dust reduction system, which cleans the sensor from dust. This is very useful especially if you walk each 2x3 target changing.
Little (in its category) and its weight is reasonable.

Information about the Nikon D60:

A couple of important data. The Nikon D60 is heir to the old Nikon D40, it's like the evolution of his sister D40. This is the law of life, so much so that for some time now found in the camera market that will soon completely relieve the D60: it is the new Nikon D3100, very similar in characteristics, with some advantage , and to speak on future occasions.

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