Digital Video Cameras


Digital Video Cameras

By Ryanita

digital video camera 300x224 Digital Video CamerasDigital video cameras are ideally suited for factory manufacturing and maintenance operations, academic and industrial researchers, military test and instrumentation and sports trainers who need to see, measure and understand high-speed processes and events. High-speed digital cameras today are generally thought of as expensive, cumbersome and difficult to operate. Now, fastec offers cameras with outstanding image quality at frame rates up to 16,000 per second in compact, point-and-shoot packages. Priced to fit demanding budgets, fastec high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line and simplifies slow-motion research. Fastec high-speed cameras help manufacturers improve operational efficiency by reducing downtime and waste.

Digital video cameras are not the monsters that earlier ones were, in fact, many are less massive than many still digital cameras. Standard consumer digital video cameras have fixed zoom lenses that cannot be removed. This means that when they are attached to a microscope, the image must be obtained through a microscope ocular of some sort.

Digital video cameras are still very new to the market for their educational impact to be evaluated. They will give rise to new forms of art, and will enable amateurs to achieve results that are today restricted to professionals. Digital video cameras avoid the need for bothersome traditional analog "editing islands", reducing the vast amount of time needed for compiling and simplifying the combining of audio and video. Digital video will shortly become part of basic digital education. Digital video projectors in many shapes and qualities will ensure that images from computers or video recorders will be able to be admired on large screens.

Digital video cameras are able to takepictures in high resolution, but unfortunately they cannot transportthe data stream to the computer quickly enough. This results in datablockages and the number of images transmitted per second falls offsharply. 0connection would need to be at least 10 times faster in order totransfer a video sequence fluently in real time to the computer.

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