Digital Camera Memory


Digital Camera Memory

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digital camera memory Digital Camera MemoryThe Basics to Buying a Digital Camera

Digital cameras are usually sold based on the number of elements or Pixels each image contains. The more Megapixels, the larger the print you can make. 6 to 8 megapixels will allow you to print a nice quality 8x10 image or allow for cropping of unused areas of the picture. All digital cameras store the image in computer type memory either built into the camera or on removable memory cards. The higher mega pixels, the fewer pictures you can store.

What type of memory does the camera have? Most of today's digital cameras have a removable storage card. Computers and laptops today usually have card readers built into them to read these memory cards. Popular types of memory cards are CompactFlash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick, and

XD-Picture Card. If you buy a digital camera with a removable card that your computer will not accept, then you will have to buy and additional card reader for that type of card to get your pictures into your computer.

Digital cameras need batteries of one type or another to operate. Some cameras have built-in batteries that have to be charged before use. Other cameras use either AA or triple A batteries. The more expensive cameras have a rechargeable power pack. Most retailers that sell digital cameras usually have a lot to chose from. Even if you plan to purchase your camera from the Internet, see if you can find one at a local store and see if it meets your needs.

An Intro About a Digital Camera's Flash Memory

Prior to purchasing a digital camera, it is good to become familiar with the types of memory a camera uses.

Memory cards come in different capacities. There's 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb or 8gb. Here are the most common types of memory cards for digital cameras:
• Compact Flash
The Compact Flash is considered as the most common type. Several of the current high-end digital cameras as well as digital SLRs require a compact flash.

Type II variety is thicker. Most cameras can only accept the Type I variety. However, Type II has a higher capacity. It is widely available, inexpensive relative to other memory cards and works with most digital cameras.

• Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard Memory
These are the smallest types of memory cards. It has the newest "digital camera memory format." It is currently available only in 512 mb capacity.

• Memory Stick
This was developed for Sony CyberShot digital cameras and is only compatible to Sony gadgets PDAs, MP3 players, and Sony Vaio Computers. It has a 1gb maximum storage capacity.

• Card Readers
This is regarded as the most competent way of downloading data from memory cards.

• Portable Digital Storage
These are external hard drives that can store files.

• MicroDrive
This is a miniature type of hard drive housed inside a CompactFlash Type II chassis. It has a 1gb maximum storage capacity. MicroDriveis generally regarded as unreliable and delicate because its parts are prone to damages and easily wear out.

• SmartMedia
This used to be the most common variety of storage media for digital cameras. Now it is being phased out due to newer versions of memory cards. This is available in 128 mb capacity.

Digital Camera Memory Card - How Big Do You Really Need

The digital camera memory card is where you store your images until you transfer them to your computer. You will find many different memory cards that have different capacities for holding images. Professionals may need the two gigabyte or the four gigabyte memory card by Transcend. Fuji also makes a memory card with 512 megabytes, one gigabyte and two gigabytes. The digital camera memory will hold so many pictures depending on the size and the resolution you are shooting the images in at the time. The digital camera memory card will hold different amounts of images. The higher the megapixels the less the memory card will hold. There is the multimedia, SmartMedia, xD memory cards, secure Digital, MemoryStick and CompactFlash memory cards to choose from when you are looking for storage.

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