Cookie Cutters Room: food photography


CameraCookieCutters Cookie Cutters Room: food photographyYou are the magicians of photography but we will quarried well with pots and pans? Then in your wish list to send to Santa Claus can not miss the House Cookie Cutters, a kit sagomine biscuit-shaped camera, sold by DIY Photography Store for $ 17.95.

The kit includes three sagomine, respectively, that replicate the forms of a reflex, a bi-optic and a rangefinder. The sagomine serve both to cut the shape from mixing, is to impress upon it the design lens, the viewfinder, and other details. These designs will serve as a guide to decorate the cookies with colored icing.

CameraCookieCutters 1 Cookie Cutters Room: food photographyOf course, even without the need for lavorone up frosting decorations, the cookies are nice and amaze your friends in the winter evenings spent with friends in front of a hot chocolate, maybe just talk about photography.
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