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Canon EOS 7D - Compare Canon home

Canon EOS 7D compared to 500D, D50, 1D 5D MII and MIII  The review of The Digital Picture

Canon EOS 7D Canon EOS 7D   Compare Canon home Even the Canon EOS 7D digital camera on the test bench. This time we are given the opportunity to review from The Digital Picture, a site devoted to products from the brand of the house red, which publishes a full-bodied compared to stress test all improvements over the last reflex to a lower-end EOS models 500D and 50D and how much towards or away from the flagship of series 1 and 5.

The test is very rich in images that can be compared and displayed with one pass or mouse clicks, an interactive mode that allows you to view very interesting material without loading new pages or pop-ups. We have focused in particular on the consideration of image quality and noise reduction, the new sensor automatic exposure iFCL to 63 zones on the 'profit-ISO Auto and the excellent 19-zone AF system.

As perhaps a little biased, the comparison is worth to be read as it makes the comparison camera models belonging to different groups but all the same manufacturer, this can be a valuable aid in the selection of the camera as many fans do not often are positioned in a reference band and well-defined questions such as "I took the 7D or 5D?" are more common than you think ...!

Canon EOS 7D - Comparison Test

Quality and image definition

"I am particularly impressed by the performance of the photographic camera, Canon EOS 7D digital SLR cameras in canon eos 7d logo Canon EOS 7D   Compare Canon home terms of noise against EOSriduzione dslr Canon EOS 50D. The benefit begins to be visible already at ISO 800 and becomes significant in 3200. To my eyes, the EOS 500D is no match with either camera. With their sensors to the surface most digital Canon EOS 1D Mark III and 5D are the best cameras for photography in low light although the lower resolution of the 1D III is quite clear in this comparison.
Regarding the apparent definition of the images, those produced by the 7D appears softer than that obtained with other DSLR cameras with the same settings, repeat tests confirm this.
A set of sample images processed with the program Canon DPP (Digital Photo Processing) by setting the value '2 'to make the sharpness similar to that obtained with the 50D and 500D (with the basic settings), evident in this If the natural increase in noise obtained. With equal sharpness setting to '3 'the definition would be close to that of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. "

Exposure, Auto-ISO

"A new feature introduced with the Canon EOS 7D is sensor exposure to 63 zones iFCL (Focus intelligent, color, luminance) a system that analyzes jointly the point of focus with the color and brightness of the subject to be able to establish the correct exposure. Given the infinite number of combinations that can arise in a system of auto exposure AE a full comparison would be impossible to accomplish, but my personal opinion, after 9384 shots (of which only a small percentage made in the manual), the AE 7D system is the best I've ever used so far.
Generally prefer to use manual exposure when possible, but there are occasions in which automatic exposure is the best choice, such as in variable light conditions.

canon eos 7d card Canon EOS 7D   Compare Canon home Another additional feature is the presence of the Auto-ISO, and the 7D can finally give it to me in full, long desired by me. L 'Auto-ISO uses the full range of sensitivity (100 to 3200 ISO) with most modes including Manual mode M. This creates a short exposure mode to aperture priority and timing. For example, I can manually set a specific shutter speed and aperture and let the system the various ISO sensitivities to achieve the correct exposure. Can I set a shutter speed and an appropriate selection of the diaphragm to follow a player moving from full sun through the shade, with variable sky, sunrise and sunset no longer take care of exposure, very nice!

Important, however, that the automatic exposure system that is more reliable, as in this case, because in this mode you can not set any manual compensation. "

White Balance

The automatic white balance seems to improve with the release of each new camera. And yet, countless situations and subjective evaluations. I think the 7D do a great job with the white balance. I made a specific test was done at home using light of a single incandescent light bulb, well read the White Room, 3200 K, was found to be identical to that obtained by DPP software with an excellent result and a great improvement than any other Canon EOS camera body according to my impression. "


"If the shot is out of focus, the best image quality of the world is not enough to save him. I greet with joy all the improvements to the autofocus system and Canon EOS 7D has received many.

According to Canon: 'The EOS 7D digital camera boasts the most advanced system ever focus on a EOS'. All Canon DSLR cameras perform very well with AF single-shot, the EOS 7D focus with great speed and accuracy. The 19 cross-type AF sensors, which has consistently able to maintain their focus on the subject. Everything is ok from this point of view in my opinion.
The Servo AF is more often synonymous with performance differences between different camera bodies. Performance Servo Autofocus mode (tracking) are difficult to assess, simply because, again, are endless situations that you may encounter.
My personal estimate, based on thousands of photographs taken in football games and more, always using the best lenses available (including Canon EF 200mm f / 2 L IS USM, Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS USM, Canon EF 400mm f / 2.8 L IS USM, Canon EF 500mm f / 4 L IS USM), is that the EOS 7D has the best autofocus tracking of all bodies in the Canon APS-C.
The same experience but also demonstrates the superior performance of the cameras 'Series 1' in the same circumstances. "

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