Basic initiation in the use of SLR cameras


Basic initiation in the use of SLR cameras

By Ryanita

Many have invested significant money (400-900 euros) in a good SLR camera to which they are giving a totally automatic, like a compact digital camera is involved. This happens because at first we want to buy a good camera and we went for a DSLR, but once we have in hand gives us a little respect, both button, so many acronyms and technical terminology. So we decided to use it in automatic mode the first few days with the intention of later start making manual use more experienced, but many fail to see that moment EVER. Fit to take photos in automatic mode, period.

nikon slr camera 300x201 Basic initiation in the use of SLR camerasIf you feel identified with the preceding paragraph then read the whole article. Today we will get rid of that fear to our SLR camera. You see how easy it is to use manual or semi-manual mode once we understand its operation. I'll try to make this article as technical as possible, as my intention is to simplify it so we can all give our SLR camera use it deserves.

Your first DSLR camera:

If you're starting out in SLR photography it is important that the camera is a range made especially for beginners. Not so the pictures will be of inferior quality. On the contrary, precisely what is done makes it easier for beginners. You can check out this link where I recommend some of the SLR cameras more affordable for beginners.

What is your SLR camera:

The first step to lose the fear of an SLR is to know what it is made. Unlike compact digital cameras, SLRs have basically two parts: body and lens. The camera body itself, with all its components except the lens or lens that is separate and interchangeable.

There is an unlimited variety of types of lenses for SLR cameras. If when you buy your digital SLR camera has come it will for a purpose and it will surely included 18-55mm. There are more varieties but the most widespread is that.

I invite you to visit the following link if you want to find out more about SLR camera lenses, I will dispel any doubt about the objectives.

Modes available in a camera:

After turning on our camera and take a picture so we need to select a mode. SLR cameras usually come equipped with a dial (like the one shown in the picture) Therefore, allowing you to select the mode you want to use. Most SLR cameras, if not all, offer the following ways:

1. Automatic mode: To aim the camera and shoot without major complications.

2. Scene modes: These are specially programmed modes for specific occasions, such as for portraits, landscapes, sports, etc. Simbolito usually represented as a mountain for landscape, sports rider, person portrait, etc. These modes are most appropriate for each situation and give better results than the generic auto mode.

3. Manual and semi-manual modes: These modes allow us complete control over the camera. With the automatic modes (1) and preset (2) can only do normal photos, generally good but nothing amazing. If we go a little further and get an excellent photo, awesome, original and outstanding would need to take control of our camera and tame it to drive it as we please.

The difference between automatic and manual modes is like leaving a plane running on autopilot or pilot it manually.
To use the manual modes and semi / semi-manual camera must first understand some basic concepts very simple but make a huge difference when taking a picture.

In the next articles I will explain these concepts (simple repeat) and then we will explain the semi-manual modes and how to control. Also give you some tricks easier to implement with which you will obtain outstanding photos always impress your friends.

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