Android Tablet: a study reveals how much should cost to bring competition to the iPad

Since the phenomenon "tablet touchscreen" has made its appearance with the first model of the iPad, it was the latter to dominate the market, it is no secret to anyone, despite the release of many competing devices equipped with excellent technical and design characteristics. Yet the iPad continues to get a success so far unchallenged, that none of the Android tablets failed to muster.

iPad Android Tablet: a study reveals how much should cost to bring competition to the iPadWhat are the reasons? As many of you often argue in the comments to our post, the problem is the price if an Android tablet costs as an iPad, then the iPad; This also implies that many think that the synthesis between design and technology achieved by this tablet is the best; However a hope for the success of Android tablet would seem to be, and you would find in the price.

A study by iGR, a strategic consultancy market focused on wireless communications and mobile, revealed that most people interested in a tablet doesn't want nothing else if not an iPad, and that should draw attention to a different tablet, this would cost you well over $ 100 less than the device labelled Apple (at least 200 dollars lessergo in terms and according to the ratio 1: 1, approximately 200 euros less?).

Therefore, what would be the right price for an Android tablet? The competition to the iPad it would play really only on a question of costs? Really there is nothing better or at least comparable to the iPad for all other existing tablet on the market today? To you the judge.

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