Amateur VS. Professional


Amateur VS. Professional

Want to be a professional SLR photography?

Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning of being a professional SLR photography? Often confused terms and concepts. Today I would like a relaxed small talk (I invite you to participate through comments, as usual) on this topic. Let's see if we think alike.

aficionado profesional 199x300 Amateur VS. Professional Many times the use of the word "amateur" suffers nuances completely wrong. We often use the word "amateur" to refer to things very low-level home, with no capacity whatsoever. Phrases such as "They're just a bunch of amateurs" or "You're just a poor amateur" we sound like a negative. And they are.

But in the photograph, the subject is a little different.
In photography there are 3 types of profiles:

* The occasional
* The fan
* Professional

Occasional Photographer:

It's typically have no idea of ​​photography, but also not willing to even bother to learn concepts, techniques. Do not even need an SLR. With the compact camera is enough, it also uses it maybe only once or twice a year to shoot photos of holiday, birthday, and little else.

Amateur Photographer:

Usually has an SLR. It need not be a very expensive camera and not too elaborate. Moreover, it is sometimes possible to meet the profile with just a compact camera. The fact is that the amateur photographer has a sensitivity to photography, to light the scenes. You learn things gradually. SLR is attracted to but because it is only a hobby and does not bring any economic benefits he can not invest heavily in expensive photographic equipment. Of course, feel great satisfaction when you take a picture worthy of praise.
I love photography but only as a "hobby." At most it might seek to participate in a photo contest and maybe win a small amount of money but he really does not engage the floor to win monthly with your camera.

Professional photographer:

Generally likes photography, or at least liked at some point in their lives. His biggest reason behind having an SLR camera is able to earn an income. So it works in photography, has a studio or at least rent one, it specializes in portrait photography and models, good for weddings and communions, whether in documentary photography and journalism. Handles very expensive equipment because their profession requires it and because you can afford.

As you can see are 3 profiles completely different and therefore each profile has a proper camera. Unless you're rich and money on what do you want an SLR camera Nikon D3x 25-Megapixel and 6,000 euros (real price, no joke)? Often hear people saying "Because I want to buy a professional camera ..." and think "why?". If the love that binds you to the photo is pure love what you are going to serve 20-megapixel resolution, an ISO of 24,000 and a 600mm telephoto lens?

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